“Welcome to my blog about trend following trading strategies for stocks!

Just keep reading to learn more!”

Jay Delaworth


Welcome to IntelligentTrendFollower.com!


… So what should you expect from this website?

Well… to put it simply…

“This blog is where I write about my personal trend following in the stock market!

Each week I share free trade ideas, and educational blog posts based on my own research and analysis.

And to be clear…

I’m not any sort of financial advisor or fiduciary. I’m just an individual investor sharing my journey to snowball wealth… for the rest of my life!”

.. But… you know what?

It’s been one hell of a BUMPY ride. So keep reading!

Because I might be able to save you some pain (and time!)

…Plus… I’m pretty sure you can relate.

After all…

You were probably just like me!

You started out investing and trading in the stock market, with ambitious dreams of striking it rich!

You thought to yourself…

I’ll be retired in no time, able to buy my house outright, pay for my kids’ college and still buy a boat! Not bad for a couple of hours clicking buttons on a screen, right?

… Not so fast, bucko!

As you probably know… (or will very soon find out!)… the stock market can REALLY dish out the punishment.


From averaging in to losing positions… buying too much of a single stock… or… (perhaps worst of all!)… not having a plan for when to sell… you can EASILY lose money… in MANY different ways!

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

I should know…

After underperforming for YEARS (because of high mutual fund fees), I decided to take my money management into my own hands. But you know what?

Even though value investing made logical sense to me, I struggled to make consistent returns from it.

Each situation was unique, and it took HOURS every day to stay on top of my portfolio.

It wasn’t for lack of effort!

And even when I did pick the right stocks… I always wondered…

“… what’s the point of financial freedom if I’m reading 10-Ks 24/7!?”

Plus… to make matters worse…

The constant worrying about fundamentals left me in a never-ending state of anxiety: whenever the price moved against me I was terrified I might be missing a pertinent piece of information.

At the end of the day, I was more frustrated and stressed out than when I began!

But… what happened next changed everything…

Why Trend Following Changed My Life:

I honestly don’t know how I first came across the idea of trend following…

It might have been another frustrated Google search for answers, or an innocuous article that came across my news feed.

But whatever the source…well let’s just say…  I was hooked!

And from there, you can probably guess what happened next:

“I became a trend following vacuum!”

I sucked up EVERY piece of information I could find, and immediately began strategizing how to consistently apply these trend following concepts to my portfolio.

… I read books, listened to podcasts, and tested trading strategies to discover trend following in the stock market.

And let me tell you, it wasn’t easy!

In fact, it took a LOT of practice.

But…  eventually… one thing became clear:

“Adding some technical rules to my fundamental investing greatly improved performance!”

And you know what?

Not only did my trading and investing results start to get more consistent… but… I was also worrying MUCH less!

Talk about relief…

Because since I’d developed a set of mechanical entry and exit rules, I didn’t have to stress about deciding the perfect time to buy.

My rules did that for me!

Even better:

I was no longer pulling out my hair, worrying if I should sell a stock that was trending down!


These well-defined trading rules really changed the game for me. I went from unsure and anxious… to… confident and consistent!

“What more could I ask for?!”

Of course…

This was NOT a get rich quick scheme. Because to be honest, it took years of dedicated work.


Applying trend following trading strategies to the stock market has made all the difference for me.

And since I’m going to be using these ideas to grow my wealth for the rest of my life, it’s been well worth the efforts!

Now today…

I hope that by sharing my trading ideas, stock picks and educational content I can help you become a confident and consistent trader (faster than I did!)

Make sense? Good.

But I know there’s one thing you might still be wondering…

What Makes Your Trend Following so “Intelligent”?

Great question, and I’m glad you asked!

First of all, I should tell you the Jay Delaworth name and picture are pseudonymous, due to compliance requirements from my work in the brokerage industry. But as you can see by my years of writing here, the persona is very representative of me, and all the thinking is my own.

As for “Intelligent Trend Follower”….

The name actually comes from an homage to the two books that’ve had the most impact on my point of view for trading and investing in the stock market.

So… in case you haven’t guessed by now… they are:

If you aren’t familiar, the first book is all about fundamental analysis. And the second is about technicals!

You see…

By combining these two schools of thought, I’ve come up with a hybrid approach that’s going great for me.

… So how does this work?

Well, that’s what I’m sharing on this blog!

But in short…

My trading strategy builds on my value investing background. I’m looking for long-term fundamental trends that can tip me off to a high-quality business.

If you want some example, you can read the 60+ articles I’ve written for Seeking Alpha.

They describe this strategy in MUCH more vivid detail. And let you see it in action.

But I don’t stop there!

Becase then… once I’ve got a stock like this in my sights…

I rely on mechanical rules to help eliminate discretion and emotional errors… (which means no more sweaty palms and racing heart as I worry about whether to buy, sell or hold!)

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? 🙂

Of course, it’s not a holy grail trading system (and please see my full disclaimer). But my hybrid fundamental-technical trend following approach helps me:

  1. Participate in bull markets
  2. Go to cash (or get short) in bear markets
  3. Worry less and trade more confidently and consistently.

Not bad, right? Well, if you’re curious to learn more, here’s what I suggest you do next…

First, if you want to see some examples in action, you are welcome to review all my historical breakout stock picks.

And by the way…

I also publish a NEW batch of these trade ideas each Sunday. So if you want to stay in the loop you can click here to get notified of the new picks.

Along the way, I’ll also email you some tips and tricks I’ve learned about trend following breakout stocks.


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