Best of the Blog (Volume 1):

One of the weird things about blogging is the way old content gets pushed to the bottom. And so as a result, new readers might not be aware of I have a ton of super-in-depth long-form educational content (beyond my weekly stock market commentary and trade ideas). 


To help you rediscover some of these old yet ever-relevant classics, I put together a post highlighting the best of the blog.

And since I plan to keep writing on these virtual pages for the foreseeable future, I’m calling this, volume 1. Take a look!

Best of The Blog – Volume 1:

(1) Finding the Best Stocks on FinViz – Read the most detailed guide on the internet for putting FinViz to work for you, no matter what kind of stocks you’re looking for!

(2) The Benefits of Trading With Weekly Stock Charts – See how weekly charts can improve the signal-to-noise ratio to help you catch bigger trends and lower your commission bill.

(3) Top Down Trading and Big Picture Analysis – Understand why a broader market context can help you inform your trading to further tilt the odds in your favour!

(4) The Ultimate Guide to Small-Cap Stock Picking – Discover how you can unlock the explosive upside that small cap stocks can offer!

(5) An In-Depth Guide to Help You Buy The Dip – Augment your breakout strategies by trading pullbacks in uptrends to improve your risk/reward.

(6) A Guide To The Best Trend Following Trading Indicators – Learn the #1 trend following indicator to help you find high-momentum trade ideas.

(7) Why Technical Traders Can Still Benefit From Fundamentals – Uncover how a quick and easy hybrid approach to trading can help you improve your outcomes, even if you consider yourself a technical chart trader.

(8) Learn How To Speed Up Your Fundamental Research– Fundamental research doesn’t have to be tedious. These simple tricks could help you save hours each week!

(9) The Hardest Trading Question: When Do You Sell Your Stocks? – To answer one of the most common yet complicated questions in managing your stock portfolio, just read this.

(10) Taking Losses To Rotate Capital – See how a few simple and quick mental exercises can help you reframe your perspective to reduce the influence of ego and make taking losses much easier.

(11) 7 Trading Psychology Tips from Dr. Brett – Save time and trade smarter by reviewing my top 7 lessons from one of the top minds in trading psychology.

(12) Strategies For Dealing with Earnings Season – It’s a minefield every quarter and this straightforward guide helps give you a framework for how to manage your risk.

(13) How Much Money Do You Need To Trade For a Living? – Get the facts on what it takes to day trade or swing trade full time, and finally understand whether it’s right for you.

(14) How Can You Predict The Stock Market? – If you’re always wondering what’s going to happen next, this article might open your mind to a smarter way to trading.

(15) Learn to Trade Multi-Bag Stock Picks – Find and trade big winners with these key tips for finding stocks that have the potential to keep running higher and higher.

And there you have it!

Of course you can always use the search function in the top right corner of the site if there’s a certain keyword or topic you’re looking for.

Now yes, I’ve written a ton of content over the years on all things related to trading. But if there’s something missing you’d like to learn more about – just ask me! 

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