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Learn to find and trade breakout stock picks, in under an hour per day, with confidence AND consistency!

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Get The Breakout Stock Blueprint

  • Learn a simple step-by-step entry and exit system…
  • To consistently find momentum stock trading ideas… 
  • Including the exact steps to execute and track your trades…
  • And do it all in less than an hour per day!

“See exactly how I scan for, and trade, my best breakout stock picks… so you can too!


Find Breakout Stocks

Discover how to spot BIG uptrends, helping you profit for months at a time.

Ride Huge Trends

Learn to let your profits run, with proven techniques that can make it easy for you.


Manage Risk... and Profits!

Feel confident by knowing where to put your stop-losses and when to lock-in profits!

Learn a Simple Stock Picking System That Works:

Finding winning stock picks does NOT have to be hard.

In fact…

Once you know WHERE to look for uptrending stocks… and… exactly WHAT characteristics to look for… then… building a profitable portfolio is actually pretty easy.

… And the truth is, the key to buying breakout stocks IS simple:

  • Buy stocks that are going up…
  • Sell them when they go down!

Of course, success is in the details. So that’s why I’m putting together this one-of-a-kind blueprint for finding breakout stocks to help you be consistently more confident in the market.  

One Breakout Blueprint: Organized into 3 easy-to-follow parts…


1: Finding Breakouts

Uncover the key traits of breakout stock picks. See exactly what to look for when buying breakout stocks!

2: Trading Breakouts

Get clear rules to follow so you know how much to buy, when to buy and where to cut a loss or lock-in your profits.


3: Tools of the Trade

Uncover exclusive templates, spreadsheets and proceses to help you execute and track your trades with perfect efficiency. 

One-Time Low Price: Get the Breakout Blueprint for ONLY $47… Seriously!

“Finally see how I consistently find trend-following breakout stocks, it’s easier than you think!

And if you have any questions at all just email contact [at] intelligenttrendfollower.com and I’ll be happy to help!”

Jay Delaworth

Breakout Stock Picks Pay For Themselves!

Each week I share my best stock picks on my website. Now I want to show you how you can find stocks like this for yourself!

And the best part is…

These breakout stock picks really can pay for themselves! Personally, I pick +90% of the stocks in my portfolio using this strategy.


I can confidently tell you from my own experience, each winning stock pick can pay for this ultra-low, ONE TIME price  multiple times over…

Seriously: a single trade can give you a positive ROI on your purchase!

And once you get your hands on this 75-page educational PDF you’ll have nearly everything you need to get started trading breakout stocks.

Because the truth of the matter is…

There are stocks breaking out almost EVERY week. The question is: Are you profiting from them? 

Well… if not… the Breakout Stock Blueprint could be the KEY you need to trade consistently more profitably, AND consistently more confidently… 

PS – I have BIG plans to keep updating this Breakout Blueprint. But if you buy now you’ll be entitled to any updates or future versions, all free (even if the price goes up!)

Please keep in mind: I’m not a financial advisor – just an individual investor who’s been doing this for years (and this is what’s worked for me!). You can read my  full disclaimer and terms of use here. All information is for educational purposes only and not a recommendation to buy or sell securities.

Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason at any time you would like your $47 back, just ask!

Blueprint Feedback:

“Hi Jay,

I cannot express my gratitude for putting this blueprint out! For a beginner like me this is like GOLD! “

George B, Canada

“Your book was a pleasure to read. THANK YOU. I have been studying how to swing trade stocks… so I found you on YouTube. Once again, a huge thank you.” 

Terrance G, USA

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn from the HUNDREDS of buyers who’ve asked the same questions as you!

Is this a recurring payment?

NO! This is a one-time only thing. And if you don’t like it, just ask for your money back. Simple, right? It’s how business should be done.

Can I pay with a credit card?

Yes! You can pay with Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover! Just click the PayPal buton above and enter your credit card details on the page.

Does your system work with ETFs?

My system is primarily designed to work with stocks, and that’s what’s explained in detail inside the Blueprint.

But the technical trading concepts, including the primary strategy, can easily be adapted to ETFs, as well as forex, futures or commodities.

Do you trade options?

I don’t trade many options. I occasionally use long-dated call and put options to execute my trading strategy instead of stocks. But this isn’t a main area of focus. No option writing is involved. The main focus of my strategy is about catching BIG trends in high-quality stocks.

Does your system work with Canadian stocks and international stocks?

Yes, but not exactly. The Blueprint goes into considerable detail showing exactly how I set up stock screens (including screenshots of the websites involved, and the specific settings to tweak). Unfortunately, right now the tools I use only support the major American markets.

That said, if you have screening tools in your own country, you can easily replicate this strategy on any other exchanges. For Canadian readers, I also explain a detailed workaround strategy I use for trading TSX and TSXV-listed stocks.

What if there’s a trading concept I don’t understand?

Easy, just drop me a note! I personally respond to all questions emailed to me by Blueprint buyers. And it’s my goal to help you get the most out of this guide. I’ll answer any questions you have about this content, or anything related. Seriously!

And by the way, don’t be intimidated by this guide either. I’ve written it in super simple language. So even if you’re somewhat new to the stock market and have limited trading vocabulary, you’ll easily be able to follow along.

Another thing to keep in mind is I’ve already released three versions of this Blueprint, and number four is on the way. So if you sign up today, I guarantee you’re entitled to all future updates, for free! I’m always improving the Blueprint based on input and ideas from readers like you.

Can you help me find penny stocks that are going to double in the next few months?

Actually, no. That’s not my approach to the stock market. I am primarily trading large and mid-cap liquid stocks. Most of my trades are made off weekly charts. Because I’m trying to catch BIG trends in these well-known stocks, you don’t need to overtrade or sit in front of the screen all day.

Why Should I Buy This Breakout Stock Blueprint?

Let me cut to the chase: This in-depth guide condenses all my experience into this one single document. It took me over a decade to piece this puzzle together.

Sure, you can go ahead and try to figure things out for yourself. In time, you might get there.

But it will likely take years. And it’s guaranteed to cost you more than $47!

So what are you waiting for?

Get Your Hands on the Breakout Stock Blueprint Today!

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