Free Trend Following Trade Ideas For September 2017 (Part 2):

Welcome to another weekend edition of free breakout trend following ideas! So what stock picks do we have on tap for the first full trading week of September 2017?

Well, there are plenty of new trade ideas this week. And I’ll share them with you in rapid fire succession shortly.

But first:

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And now…

Let’s just quickly review the stock market action from the prior week. Because… if you ask me… it really was a tale of two markets.

Let me tell you what I mean.

Brief Stock Market Analysis For September 2017:

For the week, major averages looked flat to down. But digging under the surface reveals a MUCH more bifurcated market.

To show you what I mean, check out this one-week performance heat map from FinViz:

Free Trend Following Trade Ideas For September 2017 Part 2 FinViz

As you can see, there was pretty strong breadth in healthcare and energy names, while financials and tech took a pause.

Some consumer names looked pretty good too.

So what does this mean for you?

Well, in my opinion, I think energy stocks are still in a downtrend (look at the weekly chart of XLE).

Thus I’m not yet that eager to get active in the oil patch.

But on the other hand…

Not only are individual health care stocks acting well, the sector ETF is breaking out too! Have you seen the weekly chart of XLV?

Free Trend Following Trade Ideas For September 2017 (Part 2) XLV

Pretty strong. And further…

These powerful top-down trends can really help you find picks that can have BIG trends. So keep this in mind as we look through the trading ideas for the week ahead.

And since this week I was stopped out of BK (small loss), EFX (slightly larger than planned loss) and RACE (BIG win!) I do have some cash to put to work…

Free Trend Following Stock Picks For September 2017 (Part 3):

In addition to healthcare, there are some consumer names that are also looking pretty good (and remain in longer-term uptrends). So…

Let me show you a mix of charts that are on my radar heading into the second trading week of September 2017.

The first chart I want to share is…

Accenture! That’s because shares of ACN have finally broken out. Check it out:

Free Trend Following Trade Ideas For September 2017 (Part 2) ACN

ACN has been a bit of a slow mover for me. But this recent change of pace makes me think the momentum might continue.

A similar situation is playing out in Gallagher Arthur J&Co (AJG). Because illustrated in the chart below…

Free Trend Following Trade Ideas For September 2017 (Part 2) AJG

You can see AJG had been pulling back for over a month on end. And yet this bounce from the retest to new weekly closing highs is pretty compelling.


Another stock that’s charging higher right now is IEX. I’ve previously traded Idex but don’t own it at the moment.

You can see why it has my eye though…

Free Trend Following Trade Ideas For September 2017 (Part 2) IEX

Just keep in mind, the key when buying these momentum stocks is to always have a plan for when to sell your stock position.

What’s next?

Well, shares of Novanta Inc (NOVT) have been breaking out too. After a few months of consolidation, it’s moving up well.

Free Trend Following Trade Ideas For September 2017 (Part 2) NOVT

This chart actually reminds me of Intuit Surgical, which I’ve previously mentioned (here, here). The combination of robots and healthcare seems to be running strong.

Next up, Waters Corp is back near its highs. And so I think shares of WAT could be worth a shot if it can keep moving higher.

Here’s how I’d play it:

Free Trend Following Trade Ideas For September 2017 (Part 2) WAT

Even though WAT is facing potential resistance, it isn’t far from blue sky territory either.

By the way:

In cases like this, one tactic you can use is to put a limit buy order above the current price, and wait for momentum to carry you in.


Although this next ideas isn’t exactly breaking out, it might be a dip buying opportunity. Or at least deserves a spot on your watch list.

The chart is A O Smith & Co (AOS):

Free Trend Following Trade Ideas For September 2017 (Part 2) AOS

For those of you who DON’T like to buy breakouts to new highs, this bounce within a longer-term uptrend might be appealing for you.

Plus… in this case, I think the daily chart paints an even better picture of a potential short-term bottom:

Free Trend Following Trade Ideas For September 2017 (Part 2) AOS daily

Make sense? And just FYI (as you’ll see below), I’m already long AOS but considering adding more.

Okay… finally

Josh Brown had an interesting post this week showing the valuation discount in emerging markets. Here’s the key chart from his post:

Free trend following trade ideas september 2017 emerging market discount

With the chart of EEM still galloping along, you may also consider going ex-US if you’re looking for even more opportunity!

Speaking of opportunity…

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