When you look for trade ideas every day, you’re bound to find funny coincidences eventually. So today, I wanted to share the following trade ideas I came across, all of which happen to start with the letter “T”.

These ideas certainly require more of your own due diligence, but here are a few T ideas that you may want to trade…

First, let’s start with TTC. Below is the weekly chart of NYSE-traded Toro Co. After a bit of a shakeout, the stock is storming back to all time highs. Are you tempted to join in?

TTC Trade Idea Starts with T

The second T idea is the well-known Texas Instruments (NASDAQ:TXN). You can see that after a few weeks of consolidation and false-starts, TXN is jumping to new all-time highs. Could TXN be the blue-sky idea you’re looking for?

TXN Trade Idea Start with T

Our third and final “starts with T” trade idea is TSCO. Tractor Supply Co doesn’t sound all that exciting at first blush. But the weekly chart caught my eye as the stock consolidated near all-time highs and closed out the week on strong footing.

TSCO Trade Idea Starts With T

So there you have it. For more of these kind of stock trade pick ideas, feel free to check out my intelligent trend following model portfolio service.