Trade Weekly Charts – Learn Why:

Are you looking to make smarter trading and investing decisions using weekly stock charts? 

Because if so, you’ve come to the right place! In this article I want to show you my favourite tips, online tools, and free apps to help you trade weekly charts and streamline your trading workflows right now!

Because in my experience…

Trading from weekly charts makes it much easier to catch BIG market moves. And these massive week or month long trends can really have a positive impact on your bottom-line profits!

By the way: This article is packed with over 2,500 words of actionable info to help you trade smarter. You can request a PDF copy for easier reading here! 


Trading with weekly charts also smooths out most of the random noise you see on shorter timeframe charts. It can really improve the signal-to-noise ratio of your technical analysis and help you stay with the big trends longer while worrying less.

So in this extremely detailed article, I want to show you all the pros and cons of weekly charts and how you can use them yourself.

What You’ll Learn Next:

  • Why weekly charts can help you find the path of least resistance in the market
  • Strategies for catching big breakouts on weekly charts
  • Why trend following is a great strategy for weekly chart trading
  • Where you can find free weekly chart trading tools to use online and on your phone!

And by the way, even if you’re a short term day trader or swing trader, you can still drastically improve your trading … (and your confidence)… by taking a minute to look at the big picture perspective weekly charts provide!


Just as I explained in my recent article about trend following with monthly charts, by zooming out before placing your trade, you can give yourself an advantage that most other short term traders are missing.

By seeing the bigger picture, you can better identify the major trend (using something like the slope of a 30-week moving average) in order to align yourself with the line of least resistance. 

Now… while this sounds good in theory, let’s get into the details of trend following with weekly charts so you can improve your odds of stock market success. Sound good?

The Big Picture Benefits of Trading Weekly Chart Trends:

Let me be honest with you…

I find it shocking how few day traders and swing traders ever glance at weekly charts. While I do use weekly charts quite actively for position trading, I think the majority of new traders out there underestimate the value of these charts.

And don’t get me wrong:

I understand how you can get bogged down in 5-minute candlesticks and 30-minute trend lines.

But seriously…

Taking a quick look at the weekly charts can be critical to your long term stock market success. 

That’s because…

This long-term view can help you easily identify the major trend that’s playing out in the specific stock, (or market), you’re thinking of investing in.

The famous trader Jesse Livermore used to call this the line of least resistance. And I think that sums it up perfectly!

Again… even as a short-term trader… don’t you want the odds in your favour like this?

Just look at the weekly stock chart below…

Trend following weekly charts

Would you really want to go short a stock that is in a strong multi-week uptrend?


Can you see how the weekly chart would inform your short-term trading bias? In strong uptrends like this, shorting ain’t easy. On the other hand, going long during market corrections doesn’t work either.

As I mentioned…

The beauty of these weekly charts is that you get a great view of the major trend. It’s easier to see where the big money is positioning.

I find this weekly view to be much smoother than daily charts because the weekly candlesticks reduce the day-to-day  volatility. In my experience, this can help you stay focused on the longer-term trajectory of a company and less likely to get your stops hit prematurely.


When you know where a stock has come from, you can get a better sense of where it’s going to go!

And it doesn’t just work for uptrends! 

That’s right…

Looking at weekly charts can also help you avoid buying beaten down stocks in downtrends that are likely to keep going lower.

As they say: “Cheap stocks are usually cheap for a reason!”

Why Weekly Charts Are Helpful For Investors:

Using weekly charts to act as a trend filter is especially helpful for value investors and contrarians who are eager to catch falling knives. Or maybe you call them cigar-butts, or 50-cent dollars. 

But the problem with buying value stocks is you often step in too early, especially if you regard technical analysis as some kind of voodoo. But the simple truth is…

By simply avoiding stocks in VERY steep downtrends, you can better put the odds in your favour. Bottoming takes time. Why not let the trend take shape before putting money at risk?

… But how do I know this?

As you might have guessed, it’s because for me personally… I started my stock market career as a value investor, looking for under-priced investment ideas. Unfortunately, this often resulted in finding stocks at 52-week lows, and waiting for them to turn around. 

And let me tell you…

It was no fun at all to buy losing stock picks and watch them wallow at new lows.

I would wait patiently each quarter for management conference calls and updated EPS result. But…

Unfortunately,  more often than not I was disappointed. If only I had been able to look at the weekly chart below with clear eyes!

Just look at this for a second:

down trend on weekly chart bottom pick

No matter how undervalued a company is, would you really want to own it when it’s in a downtrend like that?

So… instead… out of sheer need:

I eventually started using weekly charts to help me focus on quality companies that were undervalued AND starting to trend upwards on a weekly basis. That’s actually how Intelligent Trend Following as a concept was born.

weekly chart uptrend breakout

And you know what? This technique alone dramatically improved my results (and my peace of mind)!

It also sped up my investment decision-making process so that managing my portfolio went from hours a day… to… under 30 minutes per day!

Instead of pulling my hair out wondering when a company would turn around, I just let the charts be my guide. Of course it wasn’t perfect, and I still had some details to work out. But timing my trades with weekly charts quickly started making a big difference for my investment decisions.

So always remember… if you want to make money in stocks…

You need to buy stocks that are going UP in price!”

Pretty simple when you think about it, right? Right. Just try to keep it top of mind if you’re ever bottom fishing.

Now, I hope you’re starting to see the value in weekly charts and why they might appeal to you whether you’re an investor or trader. So let me show you some of the other great things you can use weekly charts for too!

How to Catch Big Market Breakouts with Weekly Charts:

Trading with weekly charts isn’t just about finding big uptrends and avoiding downtrends (although that’s definitely part of it).

But… in addition…

You can also use weekly charts to find massive charts patterns that could portend even bigger breakouts!

For example…

With weekly charts, you can easily see if a stock has been hitting up against resistance for months, quarters, or even years on end. 


When these long-term breakouts eventually do happen, the weekly charts are the easiest place to see them!

Case in point:

stockcharts weekly chart pattern breakout

On a daily chart, you might not see the bigger picture. But with a weekly view, the size of the potential breakout becomes more clear. These charts usually span multiple years, so the technical pictureis meaningful.

And keep in mind…

These are typically stocks that are consolidating for months (or even years!) before they eventually pop.

That means:

“The breakouts from these consolidations can also last for MONTHS at a time!”

Of course, not every pick is a winner. But if you can manage to catch a few big trends like this each year… well… then you can really start to get some traction in your account.

Because a few big winners will pay for many small losses… and more!

You see…

By coming up with a trading system that incorporates this bigger picture weekly view, you can make your life much easier.

It’s almost like top-down trading, but using time instead of markets and sectors to help inform your decision-making. 

So… if you’ve even a little bit active with your stocks (either as an investor or a trader).. I recommend you think about the different ways you can incorporate weekly stock charts into your trading and analysis process. 

To recap so far:

  • Investors: Can use long-term weekly charts to help time their entries and exits based on how changing trends align with their value/price targets.
  • Traders: Can use simple indicators on weekly charts (like a 30-week moving average) to determine the longer-term trend and help inform their short-term trading plan to go with the line of least resistance.

Of course we can get into more details. But there’s another huge benefit to trading weekly charts I’d also like to share with you.

So keep reading to find out what it is!

Learn the Biggest Benefit By Trend Following With Weekly Stock Charts:

By now, I hope you’re starting to see the important role weekly charts can play in your trading analysis. They provide a unique perspective that’s both actionable and full of context. 

You can easily grasp how they help you identify the major trend to inform your bullish or bearish bias on shorter time frames. And you can also see how weekly charts smooth out the signal to noise ratio and short term volatility.

But let me tell you my favourite thing about weekly stock charts.

Because at the end of the day…

The biggest benefit of trading from weekly stock charts is that you end up placing smaller position sizes and wider stops. The implications are big.

More specifically…

“Weekly charts can help reduce your chances of over-trading!”

As I’ve said before, overtrading is one of the WORST mistakes traders make. Especially new traders (who tend to think more trading activity leads to accomplishment). But the truth is you typically need to sit in a stock to wait for the price moves.


It’s not often talked about. But over trading is responsible for chopping up the brokerage accounts of countless traders. Because between commission costs and slippage, over-trading can erode your bottom line before you’ve even realized what happened!

Not too mention…

The endless decision-making can be tiring and lead to emotional burnout… which… can lead to even more mistakes! Sound familiar? I’ve been there and done that too.

But that’s why I love weekly charts! They really help you take a step back and avoid getting in your own way. Just trade patiently and let your system do it’s thing.

Now, although we’ve covered most of the benefits of trading with weekly charts, there’s something you still might be wondering…

Where’s the Best Place to Find Weekly Stock Charts?

I’d hate to write a detailed post about weekly stock charts without showing you exactly how to find these charts for free online! So just to recap…

While your broker probably provides a charting function with weekly charts, my favourite free online tool to use is Why?

At the end of the day, has a great free product. It’s easy to use, and simple to read.

So to access this weekly view, just head over to and type in a ticker of interest. Then…

You’ll be presented with the default daily chart. From there, you’ll notice you can click the time period drop down menu (beside the ticker field) and change it from “Daily” to “Weekly”.

Just to be clear, here’s what it looks like:


stockcharts weekly chart update


And there you have it!

Easy, right?

Now if you’re looking for fancier charting tools I recommend Yahoo Finance of TradingView. Out of the two Yahoo is my favourite because it has great charts with tons of features and you can use it without signing in. TradingView has a lot of pop-ups that can be frustrating.

For mobile charting, I recommend the Yahoo Finance App or Trading View. I prefer the former but both are quite good and available free. So hopefully with these tools

One final note: People often ask me if I have a weekly chart stock screener. Unfortunately the answer is now. So I just screen for my favourite indicators and then look up the charts on the weekly time frames.

Now I know that was a lot to read. So if you’re more of a visual learner, I also wanted to create something for you.

That’s why I created the Video below about trading weekly stock charts. It includes the 2 key benefits of trading from weekly charts. And it includes some examples to help illustrate the point.


Trend Following Breakouts with Weekly Stock Charts [VIDEO]:


Well, here you go, watch this video to answer any final questions you might have about trading breakouts using weekly stock charts. Cool? Cool. 

Now, I hope that by now you have all the information you need on why you should trade weekly charts, plus the free online tools to do it.

But just in case that’s not enough… well… feel free to keep reading.

More Weekly Chart Trading Resources:

You can bet that if there’s stock market information of value… chances are… other people have written about it.

And lucky for you… weekly charts are no exception! So here’s some intriguing further reading about the art and science of trading with weekly charts:

I hope this article has given you everything you need to know when it comes to using weekly charts for your trading and market analysis.

And if you’re still looking for more information on how to build a great trading system, I encourage you to fill out the form below. 

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