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Kick-start your trading with these unique trading ebooks!  Learn how you can streamline your research to save hours each week, avoid expensive stock market mistakes, and trade more confidently and consistently!

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Each ebook is packed with both high-level strategies AND highly detailed step-by-step instructions, so you can feel confident implementing new trading strategies as fast as possible!

Learn Multiple New Strategies!

From buying dips to trading breakouts, you can quickly learn how to find the trade setups that look best to you!  Browse the ebook library below to get started…


Actionable and Educational Ideas

Unlike physical books, these ebooks are full of screenshots and hyperlinks to help you get started putting concepts into action faster and easier than ever!

Get Detailed Strategies – From Start to Finish!

I’ve been writing at since 2015. And you know what? 99% of all the content on this website is completely FREE, (including my highly-detailed stock screening guides, which are some of the best on the web!)

So why did I also write a few premium ebooks?

Well, I’ve created these ebooks because each one is designed to focus on a very specific trading strategy or concept, from start to finish.

The idea is…

In each ebook you get my years of experience and research all packed into a single, easy-to-read document. So now you can get started learning specific trading strategeies faster and easier!

Save Time, Avoid Mistakes, Trade Confidently!

These ebooks are the result of my personal journey reading hundreds of books and placing thousands of trades over the last decade of actively managing my portfolio.

So yes, I’ve been around the block a little bit. But I’m not a financial advisor… (just an individual investor like you!) And thus these ebooks are designed to summarize exactly what’s worked for me.

I hope to help you avoid expensive mistakes and shave YEARS off your learning curve, so you can start trading successfully and confidently, with a carefree state of mind!


Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason at any time you would like your ebook purchase refunded, just ask!

Start Trading Smarter With These Exclusive eBooks!

Breakout Stock Blueprint - $47

This Blueprint shares the EXACT step-by-step process I use to find and trade stock picks each week. This is my most popular and best-selling ebook that inspires most of my personal stock picking. So…

Learn how to let your winners run, and feel confident about locking in profits. Plus: When you buy the Breakout Blueprint, you save BIG on any other ebook purchases! (I’ll personally email you a discount code!)

Dip-Buying Toolkit - $47

Buying the dip (or trading pullbacks) can offer impressive risk/reward opportunities in the entire stock market! After all, mean reversion is one of the most powerful forces in finance.

So if you’ve always wanted a pullback trading system that works, with easy-to-follow steps you can tailor to your personal situation, you’re going to love this Dip-Buying Toolkit!

Advanced Guide to Selling Stocks - $47

Knowing when to sell your stocks is one of the most important factors in protecting your net worth. Because if you don’t know when to sell, then one losing stock pick could undo a ton of great work!

That’s why I created this in-depth guide to share everything I know about when to sell the stocks you already own (no matter why you bought them), as well as how to manage new picks.

Nobody else is talking about this, but it makes a BIG difference!

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