Stock Investing and Trading Resources for Trend Followers

The internet is full of trading and investing resources. So which ones should YOU use?


To help make life easier for you, I’ve compiled the best trend following trading tools on this resource page. And I know…

There are about a million different trading tools online. But I’m only showing you the ones I use every day to cut through the market noise.

That means once you learn to master these tools you’ll be consistently placing trades you can feel more confident in! (And don’t worry, they’re easy to learn).

So, let me pull back the curtain and show you the best online resources I use for my own trading. And to be completely transparent with you, some of these are affiliate links, which means if you subscribe to the services I get a small commission (at no cost to you). Support! But again, these are services I use everyday and most of them have great free options.

Best Online Trading Resource for Trend Following Traders:

Without a doubt, my favourite trading tool is I think this is one of the best websites online for investors and traders trying to beat the market. It might also be because I’m a very visual person. Nonetheless, here are the features I love about FinViz:

  • Screener: Easily find stocks that meet your criteria and sort the results with a chart. You can read more about how I find great stock picks on FinViz.
  • Stock market heat maps: The market maps on FinViz are a great way to get context on daily price action. These heat maps can show you which sectors are bucking the trend and which companies are leading the charge. I highly recommend the full stock market view to help clarify your trading questions in the heat of the moment.
  • Futures: This is a great place for retail traders to get a quick feel for what to expect when the market opens. No matter what you trade, chances are you can find it on the futures heat map and be ready when then market opens.
  • Stock Market Blogs: This directory of online trading resources is a very helpful place to get started. No matter what kind of market blog you’re looking for, there’s sure to be something for you on this site.
  • News: FinViz has a really great news engine. Whether you’re looking for formal announcements across the wire, or commentary from the financial blogosphere, FinViz has you covered. They have a great list of feeds that all update in real time.

While FinViz definitely has some other great characteristics, these are my top 4 favourites. I encourage you to learn how to use FinViz as it can really speed up your trading research.

Now let’s move on to another important resource for trend following traders: charts!

Best Online Charting Tools for Trend Followers:

Every good technical analyst has a preferred charting solution. So what do I recommend?

My favourite charting tool is probably It’s free, simple and does a great job showing price. I also like that you can make ratio charts to see relative performance of one security vs. another. Personally, I really like to keep my charts minimal without too many indicators. So suits me just great.

While I spend most of my time, I also recommend While they prompt you to create an account, it’s still a great free chart trading resource to help you browse a variety of asset classes and time frames.

Other sites that work okay are and Technician. The latter is particularly useful for mobile charting when you’re on the go.

Now let’s move on to some other research tools.

Stock Research Tools for Trend Following Traders and Investors:

Now let me just say: I know most traders ignore fundamental analysis. But personally, I find it to be helpful in augmenting my stock picking.

Think of it this way…

If you can avoid buying low quality stocks that are on the verge of bankruptcy, why not do it? Personally, I’ve found a little fundamental analysis can help further put the odds of success in your favour.

And there are a couple of great tools to help you speed this up.

Simply Wall St is a wonderful fundamental analysis engine that makes crunching the numbers VERY easy. Read my detailed review of Simply Wall Street to find out why this unique company can do to speed up your fundamental research. Seriously, don’t miss it.

Another resource I couldn’t go without is Morningstar. That’s because this company shares tons of free fundamental data on almost every North American company.

Whenever I just want to stick my head into the numbers, Morningstar is the place for me. They also do a good job showing historical valuation multiples and links to regulatory filings.

Finally, is also worth a mention. They have a robust modelling platform that basically gives you the functionality of a first-year investment banker, for free!

Now, if you’re still hungry for resources I encourage you to keep reading. Some of the best trading strategy ideas I have come from the podcasts below. These are a great way to keep learning even if you aren’t in front of a screen.

Best Trend Following Podcasts:

If you want some stock market listening, I encourage you to look at the Chat With Traders podcast, as well as the Trend Following Podcast with Michael Covel.  In particular, look for the interviews with Nick Radge and Tom Basso. They are packed with gold for trend following traders.

So while you should be getting started on the right foot, there’s one more important piece of the puzzle I want to share with you.

Trend Following Trading Books and Research:

When it comes down to it, sometimes you just want a little more information. That’s why…

I’ve gone ahead and compiled the best trend following books and trend following strategy research papers

But if you want to dive deep into a topic, reading is one of the best ways to do it. I’ve read hundreds of books on the stock market over the last 10 years, and these are some of my personal favourites.

Stil hungry? You can also browse even more trend following tools here.

So where do we go from her?

Next Step for Traders and Investors:

Well, I’ve shown you the tools.

But what you do with them is up to you.

Are you ready to start mining for gold in the markets?

You have the tools. You just need to take action.

But don’t worry if you’re still feeling a little unsure.

I won’t leave you hanging.

To help you put this information into practice, I’m happy to send you my best trading tips. Specifically…

I’ve compiled these trading strategies into a 12-page PDF mini-course that gives you a step-by-step framework to help you make more profitable and more consistent trades. Plus, I’ll send you my top 3-5 trade ideas each weekend to help you hit the ground running. Sound good?

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