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My name is Jay Delaworth, and I’m the founder of Intelligent Trend Follower. This website is where I research and analyze hundreds of stock picks each year.

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How I Learned The Right Way To Sell Stocks:

Years ago, when I was trying to learn when was the best time to sell my stocks, I decided to study some of the best trend following traders in the world.

Specifically, I replicated the recipe fist popularized by Richard Dennis, who purpoortedly turned a $1,600 loan into over $200 million dollars back in the 1980s.

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I’ll also follow up with a few educational stories about my own personal trading experience, including:

  •  [My True Story] How I lost over $10,000 on one stock pick because I didn’t have a plan to sell.

  • [What NOT To Do] The most common mistakes you’ll want to avoid when it comes to selling your stocks.

  • [Actionable Exercise] Discover a simple 3-minute exercise you can use to reliably learn when to sell your stocks.

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